The most incredible batik and embroidered vintage patch cushions. These textiles are from traditional Hmong tribe baby carriers, and are handmade by women with great skill and passion. Carriers are given to brides to protect a baby's soul, so they are designed with protective features. Each one is unique and beautiful in it's own right. These cushions will change the mood of your home with their vibrancy and individuality. A lovely addition to any couch, chair or bed. Backed with hand dyed silk velvet. 

Available in sizes*: Square 15"x15"  •  14"x14"  Rectangle 9"x13"  

*Due to the age and unique nature of these textiles, sizes may vary.

Please note that due to age of materials, some patches will have minor defects. We see this as part of the story and charm of these beautiful textiles.

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